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Self-adjusting Pillow

  • Half-moon-shaped arc bottom design - the world's first

  • Self - adjusting for all sleeping positions 

  • The surface layer is soft while the bottom layer is hard 

  • Free from any bounce back force 

  • Not necessary to divide into areas for back sleeping or sleeping on the side 

  • Effectively prevents and relieves neck and shoulder pain that are caused by sleeping on unsuitable pillows

  • Unaffected by temperature changes and will not be hardened

  • Excellent pillow breathing

  • Made in US A-class high-density high-elastic cotton or similar quality material

  • 10 different kinds of professional sizes

  • 8 years not deform 

  • One year warranty 

  • 21st century global revolutionary patent design


Remark: Would customers please don't break open the inside plastic bag before you are sure you have selected the suitable size. 


CleverPillow, Self-adjusting Pillow will not deform or sag for 8 years under the conditions of normal usage. . CleverPillow provides a twelve-month warranty on quality.

. If permanent depressions of more than 2 cm are found on the pillow during the warranty period, please produce the invoice and the purchase receipt for our appropriate action.

. The Warranty does not cover     . using the pillow abnormally such that the pillow is subject to the long-term effects of compression, which makes it no longer resilient.     . the improper use of the pillow.     . the depreciation factor.    (Our Company reserves the right to decide on whether to accept or reject the claims).

Please be cautioned:
The Pillow     1. cannot be washed in water.    2. cannot be exposed to strong sunlight (please avoid the direct hit from sunlight).   3. should be kept in a dry, well ventilated space. 

Tender Advice:   

Please place the shoulders closer to the pillow while sleeping to avoid the neck from hanging around, so that both the head and the neck are getting effective support while the spine is kept under normal conditions.

The inventor of CleverPillow sincerely hopes the esteemed customers will find comfort and happiness in using the product.

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