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Dr. Chan, Vincent ( Founding Chairman )
Chiropractic Doctors' Association of Hong Kong


醫ZONE - 陳允灝


全部專欄, 醫ZONE, 水枕頭以外的選擇





怎樣好的枕頭也只是保持頸椎健康的其中一種輔助品,若已發現頸部有毛病,就應先找脊醫檢查,把脊骨錯位問題解決,才能發揮它的功效。 作者為註冊脊醫

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Chiropractic Doctors' Association of Hong Kong

CleverPillow - Self-adjusting Pillow

Calculation Method

Calculation Method 1:

Place foot at level

1. Available in general ruler

Measuring from lateral neck to the shoulder on the end of the axillary above shoulder (Amount of 4.5" inches equal to the size of 4.5").

2.Within two meters, please select the small size.

3. For the patients with cervical spondylosis and chiropractors we will recommend to use one meter or even less.

Calculation Method 2:

Suitable Weight ( for reference only )


Model      Size            Suit for ( LB )

CP-T        Travel         Free
CP-3"       XXXS        41-54
CP-3.5"    XXS           55-69
CP-4"       XS              70-100
CP-4.5"    S                100-130
CP-5"       M               131-160
CP-5.5"    L                161-190
CP-6"       XL             191-230
CP-6.5"    XXL           231-270
CP-7"       XXXL        271-310

Note: You can change the pillow size within 7 days. Please keep the receipt and do not dismantle the inner package.

Size Hotline: +852 67671768 CS | +852 28537428

CleverPillow -Self-adjusting Pillow
10 different kinds of professional size
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