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Pillows Introduction


CleverPillow, Self-adjusting Pillow is the most innovative invention of the century.  Its Half-moon-shaped arc bottom design, successfully and unprecedentedly provides a brand new concept which helps solve and bring into balance the problems caused by the different heights for back sleeping and sleeping on the side. It also solves several other complex and related problems: it can effectively support the cervical vertebrae while there is not any bounce back force. The healthy sleep it successfully brings is a brand new evangel to mankind.


1.        The Height for Back Sleeping and Side Sleeping – Solutions

General Design Pillows 

A.  The depressed area is in the middle of the pillow edge or in the centre of the pillow. Moreover, it specifies: 
      For Back Sleeping – sleep in the centre of the pillow.
      For Side Sleeping  – sleep on the right side or left side of the pillow.     
      It means that each sleeping position can only utilize 1/3 of the pillow space.


B.   Adjust the height through the use of special material that made up the pillow: using  
memory foam material with slow ebound material added, or called viscoelastic memory material.   Moreover, the height for back leeping is the result of your body load force but the effects are undesirable. 


i.    Memory material has its shortcomings: it becomes hardened when it’s too cold, and becomes soft when it’s too warm. It is only suitable for room temperature between 18~24°C.  The amount of support provided is unstable. 

ii.    While the height for back sleeping is only reached through the body load force applied, the flat bottomed pillow, however, is stuffed with some material.  This will inevitably create a certain amount of bounce back force. his causes poor blood circulation, tiredness and weak memory as a result. 

iii.   For the same pillow softness/hardness, the resultant pillow height will be different, dependent upon the body weight applied. It would easily cause the cervical spine not to rest in its natural curves. 



A. Is self-adjusting for all sleeping positions.  All positions on the pillow, right side, centre or left side, provide the user with two different heights to accommodate.  So it is not necessary to divide the pillow into areas for back sleeping or sleeping on the side. The relatively wider pillow surface brings convenience and comfort. 

B. Does not rely on the characteristics of the material in the pillow to change the height. The product is stable and durable ( compared to the recently launched memory foam pillow product, CleverPillow is still more stable and durable as it does not contain memory material ). 

C.  Is free from any bounce back force.  As there is no excess material due to the arc shaped edge design of CleverPillow, no reacting force from the material is generated. 


D.  CleverPillow is the most perfect in its functions among all the pillows available today.


2.        Functions ( for same pillow size ) 
         The customers can slightly adjust the pillow height by herself/himself.. 
      • To set to a higher position, move the D-shaped bottom piece of the pillow towards the shoulder.  
      • To set to a lower position, move the D-shaped bottom piece of the pillow towards the head.


3.        During use of product:

( Tender Advice – Please place the sholders closer to the pillow while sleeping to avoid the neck from hanging around, so that both the head and the neck are getting effective support while the spine is kept under normal conditions. ) 

For Back Sleeping – The greatest value of CleverPillow is, it helps keep the neck resting over the pillow tilted forward within 15 degrees. The static muscles of the neck are thus kept in a most relaxed condition.  This also provides a most comfortable breathing. 

( If the head is tilted too much, it is easy to cause snoring and obstructive breathing. In serious cases it could lead to sleep apnea. If the neck is tilted forward too much, however, it would hurt the cervical vertebrae ). 

For Sleeping on the Side – Maintain the head, the neck and the cervical vertebrae in a horizontal line so as to keep the spine in its normal position. 
Please pay attention during use: Pull the edge of pillow opposite to the chin down a little ( towards the direction of the legs ). 


This can help ensure that the cervical spine rests firmly on the highest point of the pillow. 
As for the general design flat bottomed pillows or soft pillows, they might be OK for back sleeping but not so for sleeping on the side, or they might be OK for sleeping on the side but not so for back sleeping ( please refer to the diagram at bottom right of page in CleverPillow Packaging Handbook ). 


The value of CleverPillow is, it can completely eliminate the undesirable factors of a pillow against the cervical vertebrae. 


4.        Material

Its basic material is Grade A foam material but not memory foam, So the product is stable and durable.

Pillowcase:  100% cotton, good ventilation design, anti-allergy.

Handbag:  Environmental friendly and recyclable. 


5.        Where manufactured?  

Manufactured with pride, by Worldwide Link Holding Ltd., Hong Kong.  The International Invention Patent is jointly owned by Worldwide Link Holding Ltd. ( Hong Kong / Canada ).


6.        Size Guidelines 

CleverPillow goes up one size for each half inch height difference. Through the use of CleverPillow's special measurement tape, you can find out the size that fits you best. The way to do this is, Place the tape horizontally to measure the distance from the side of the neck to the acromial end vertically above the armpit. 

( For reference only, for Hong Kong region ) 
For Ladies, the most common size is 4" & 4.5”. 
For Men, the most common size is 4.5" & 5.0”, followed by 4"&5.5”. 
Ten different sizes are available ( ranging from 3.0” ~ 7.0” ).


7.          Warranty

One year (under normal use, pillow height below 2cm, the company responsible for free replacement)


8.        Value 

Self - adjusting for all sleeping positions

CleverPillow's efficacy value are highest among all current pillow brands. Its functionality is the best

Product Endorsement ( endorsed by the largest chiropractic doctors’ association in Hong Kong )

The surface layer is soft while the bottom layer is hard, The pillows will not deform or sag for 8 years, under the conditions of normal usage

One year warranty


9.        Replacement

100% Money-Back / Return Guarantee with receipt within one week.



10.        Reference

Preference for Soft Pillow or Hard Pillow.   No matter the pillow you like is a harder or softer one, their hardness is, in fact, more or less the same when they support a load in a static condition. Most importantly, whether the pillow can provide a proper and evenly support to your head and cervical spine at a suitable height.  


11.      Supplement:

Durability In general, the memory foam pillows are produced via the mould manufacturing process. The pillow shape looks spectacular but the durability of the pillow is only 1/3 or 1/5 of that of CleverPillow. Unlike the memory foam pillows, CleverPillow is manufactured via the cutting manufacturing process. Pillows produced by the mould process must be made with very dense foam otherwise they will become useless scraps. 

As for CleverPillow, Self-adjusting Pillow, its unique, patented design allows it to be made up of different materials with the anticipated results to be fully met.


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