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" The pillows on the market today are generally designed to providea suitable height for a single sleeping position, 
Because of the Half-moon-shaped arc bottom design, CleverPillow, however, is self adjusting for different sleeping positions (back Sleeping or sleeping on the side).
During the whole sleep hours, it can suitably support our neck and head which helps ensure maximum comfort to the neck ".

Physiotherapist RPT (HK) MPHTY. Manip. (UQ) Bsc. (Hons) PT. (HKPU) Dip. CMO&T (HKUSPACE)

CleverPillow 卡拉法
International Invention Patented Product

The characteristics of the hard bottom half moon-shaped arc design

At the two sides and on top of the head and neck position at the bottom, the bottom part of the pillow has no attached material. Therefore it will not produce the confrontational rebound between material and the neck, thus effectively prevent cervical variation, compression and blocking of the blood nerve which may cause pain and various diseases.
Since the past days to 21st century, CleverPillow is unique as it is not relying on the material to produce the desired effect, CleverPillow achieves the best by our unique design which blends with different sleeping positions to obtain the desired function.
For Back Sleeping

The Best Results are : With the neck resting over the pillow not bending beckward and the head having a for ward tilt within 15 degrees,
it can help keep the stalic muscles of the neck in a most relaxed condition.
For Sleeping on the Side

The Best Results are : The Head, Cervical Vertebrae and Spine are maintained in a horizontal line.
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